can we ever have more hours within the day? i find that i am busier working from home, than when i still had a full-time job.

i was able to finish a squidoo article yesterday about beading and jewelry-making for beginners, and have made a recommendation for a fantastic resource, the Beading for Beginners eBook. i also was able to update the links on my sidebar (finally!) and have informed those linked. i am planning to feature artists on this blog as a regular thing, i just need to put a few things in order before proceeding. i also managed to make updates and fix my twitter account. aside from that, i listed four items in my etsy shop and sold three!

earrings swarovski crystal pearl formal elegant wedding

this one sold within an hour after listing.

earrings aqua/purple crystals

 this piece looks good enough to eat!

stunning and sure to be a converstaion-starter, it is made of various beads of aqua, purple, a combination of aqua and purple, clear crystal rondelles and swarovski AB crystals. the focal point of this piece is the purple resin bead.

the length of the earring including the hook is approximately 7cms (around 2.75inches)

very attractive, gorgeous, fun, colourful and would liven up any outfit!

necklace lariat crystal pearl dainty elegant unique


this lariat necklace is stunning, elegant and unique, as well as dainty, feminine and gorgeous.

sure to demand a second look, this piece has, on one end of a dainty and delicate silver chain, a thin silver ring and a cascade of crystals and pearls on the other end. the 'waterfalls' is meant to be looped into the ring.

the length of the necklace including the ring and the cascade of pearls and crystals is approximately 63cms (around 24.8inches)

earrings heart crystal pearl elegant gorgeous feminine

'blush' is gorgeous! a cascade of various beads --- crystal round beads, baby pink swarovski crystals, swarovski crystal AB bicones, minty green swarovski crystal, barely pink glass pearls, minty green round beads and crystal teardrops --- end with a nude acrylic heart. including the hook, the earring measures approximately 7cms (around 2.75inches).

pretty pleased with the items i have listed. i need to make a few more today just to keep the shop well-stocked. pretty doubly pleased with a couple of deals that were made yesterday as well. a contact from dubai has commissioned me to make items for her to sell over there. also, two soon-to-be brides have commissioned me to make their bridesmaids' gifts as well. business looks to be promising.

now if only i can keep this blog updated, as well as tweet regularly, write articles, develop my facebook page, create an rss feed in this blog for potential subscribers, contribute to and be an active member of my street teams --- down under street team and christian artists street team, find reliable and good quality suppliers, look after bub, learn how to cook (!), do all household chores, be a fantastic wife and do yoga regularly, everything would be swell. phew. that's only a partial list of things to do.

who says being a home-based working mum isn't a full-time job?

it's sunday, and i have been busy.

we were supposed to go on a picnic, but we did not go, even with the food already neatly packed in a nice chiller bag. so we ended up having our own little picnic in our lounge, while watching a dvd. there was much mess in the house, (we had visitors for dinner last night) so i spent most of the morning cleaning up. our stainless steel benchtop is now living up to its name. and the floor is spotless. and i have defeated the somehow bottomless laundry basket. for now.

theLeidy's trinket box needed more items. and i was able to list three today.

this is a simple pair of earrings, but i reckon it is dainty and fun! matte silver birds are suspended from leverback hooks are below it are different-sized wire-wrapped round rose quartz beads. these earrings are perfect for casual days (think jeans and shirt).

inspired by the lovely night sky, i decided to make this piece. an antiqued brass chain holds a silver moon, an antiqued brass owl and a yellow star with silver lines (not visible in the photo). romantic, simple, playful and dainty.

i made this piece upon the request of a friend in dubai, who has a friend who is getting married soon. they are looking at giving jewelry as wedding favors for their bridal party. this is one of the designs i have presented to her. sweet, feminine and romantic, the bracelet has a chunky silver chain with dainty lilac roses and barely pink glass pearls entwining it. a heart-shaped toggle clasp secures the chain, and also carries a larger glass pearl, a silver coin (which can be engraved with the bride and groom's names) and an angel wing.

there. and i'm off to make more pretty things. these can be found (and more!) in theLeidy's trinket box.
how timely to open a new shop in etsy.

a few days ago, typhoon ondoy (international name Ketsana) hit my beloved home country, the philippines, and has wreaked havoc in the lives of the populace and properties of the entire metro manila area and surrounds. although i am thousands of miles away from the philippines, i do not have any excuse not to extend help to my fellowmen, if only through reposting and retweeting important messages in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to disseminate vital information to those needing it.

aside from that, i have put up a fundraiser in my etsy shop which will run until the end of october. a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the victims of the calamity which has unexpectedly struck my country via the philippine national red cross.

i realize that i have been presented with an opportunity to help even from overseas, and as i hope for the success of my etsy shop, i'm giving it a good head start by making it an avenue to do something worthwhile.
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