it's almost the end of the year and looking back at the year that has just gone, it amazes me how good God has been to me and my family. blessed, i am. and to summarize my 2009, here goes:

faith. love. God. one. child. mom. dream. fight. new. trust. joy. risk. heat. hope. break. friend. move. fly. work. ex. heal. fear. plan. pray. choice. run. pure. new. write. ache. build. fire. grudge. quench. light. dark. war. lie. hand. give. take. loss. start. warmth. here. now. bliss. pain. grow. live. step. talk. hug. play. goal. yes. laugh. home. I. you.

big things have little names.


and they come in small packages too.

my precious little daughter, lilly soleil, was supposed to turn one yesterday, the 17th of december, but she was in a hurry and came 8 weeks early. she is now almost 14 months old, a bit tiny, but a packed little button of energy.

oh, how you always take my breath away.


it's always wonderful to end a year with a beginning. doesn't it? we're moving house tomorrow and i'm looking forward to it. i will miss our tiny little yard that my husband has allowed to wildly grow (aka forgot to maintain). i have this view everyday, while working, and i just love dandelions! they are resilient, will grow anywhere, and multiply. yes, i know they're weeds, but still! pretty!

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  1. I love it! Warms my heart, and brings tears to my eyes - tears of thankfulness and overwhelming gratitude to God for His unspeakable gift ♥

  2. Lilly is beautiful and so precious...God gives such wonderful gifts!
    I love the dandelions. I had painstakingly eliminated all but a few dandelions in my yard and pasture 11 years ago when my youngest daughter(now 25 with a daughter of her own) decided to adopt us. She felt the need to pick dandelions as little gifts of apology when she misbehaved and of course she had to blow the seed balls! Within just a few months my yard and pasture were full of dandelions's okay because they remind me of her!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    What a cutie. Love looking at babies.

  4. Gorgeous girl and I think maybe your husband knows you like the flowers =)

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