this is it!

i have already done a practice set-up at home, and my table looks fantastic. i am so psyched. hope i don't forget anything at home on the day.

wish me luck!
4 Responses
  1. Jie MA Says:

    goodluck, Lei! and have fun!

  2. theleidy Says:

    thanks, jie. i am hoping to get many sales, but if not, it's still going to be great. at least i can get to hand out business cards and enjoy the music and the company of artsy people.

  3. Yvette Says:

    Hi, i just came across your blog when i saw you on twitter. Your designs are beautiful, lovely blog x

  4. theleidy Says:

    hi yvette,

    love your blog! i could get addicted to it. thanks for dropping in.

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