how timely to open a new shop in etsy.

a few days ago, typhoon ondoy (international name Ketsana) hit my beloved home country, the philippines, and has wreaked havoc in the lives of the populace and properties of the entire metro manila area and surrounds. although i am thousands of miles away from the philippines, i do not have any excuse not to extend help to my fellowmen, if only through reposting and retweeting important messages in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to disseminate vital information to those needing it.

aside from that, i have put up a fundraiser in my etsy shop which will run until the end of october. a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the victims of the calamity which has unexpectedly struck my country via the philippine national red cross.

i realize that i have been presented with an opportunity to help even from overseas, and as i hope for the success of my etsy shop, i'm giving it a good head start by making it an avenue to do something worthwhile.
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  1. SleightGirl Says:

    That is such a wonderful thing for you to do!

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