i had quite a scare this afternoon. i was working in the rumpus on my laptop, updating my twitter account and the CAST blog and my facebook page when i decided to check on my mobile which was in our bedroom. four missed calls and an SMS which said "love, i'm going to the hospital, i cut my finger."

my husband usually helps out in my uncle's charcoal chicken shop on saturdays. visions of the big sharp knives they have in the kitchen flashed through my mind in quick succession. my first thought was: if it was just a simple cut, it wouldn't require a trip to the hospital, would it?

i quickly changed into decent clothes, changed my daughter as well and packed stuff into my trusty nappy bag --- an extra change of clothes for hubby, nappies, clothes, a container of nibbles and a bottle of water for my daughter, medicare cards, my wallet and my mobile. grabbed the car keys and sped out of the estate.

the sky was overcast, and i was praying on the way.

then ciggy, my husband called. he wasn't in the hospital, but in a private clinic. i said i can't talk, i'm driving but i'll see you shortly.

it was just a cut. or cuts, should i say. two fingers (the middle and the ring) on his left hand. deep cuts. but he didn't need stitches. and there was a lot of blood.

there goes my chef.

but thank you Lord, he's ok.

a few minutes after, we were in my aunt's cafe kitchen, and he was again handling a knife, preparing my lunch. my knees were still trembling at this point, but i was able to breathe again. all in a day's work.


we've been having colder days lately. two more sleeps and it's officially autumn. sad to see summer go, but i'm welcoming my favorite season.

you, too, shall turn...

savoring the last rays of summer
with my little ray of sunshine, lilly soleil


was able to post two items in my shop today.

bracelet. baby pink rose pearl dainty feminine

delicate and youthful.

this sweet bracelet features a baby pink lucite rose cabochon mounted on a gold filigree. it is made up of lovingly wire-wrapped barely pink glass pearls and pink swarovski crystal rondelles. insterspersed between the chain are peachy pink freshwater pearls, wire-wrapped using star headpins as an added delicate feature of this dainty piece. it is secured by a gold toggle clasp featuring a crystal AB swarovski round bead.

perfect for women, ladies and girls.  

bracelet. white rose pristine pure simple dainty

sweet as sugar.

this bracelet features lovingly wire-wrapped white fimo clay roses with baby pink centres, ivory glass pearls and AB swarovski crystal bicones with ball headpins. it is secured by a unique floral toggle clasp.

the bracelet can be adjusted according to your wrist size, kindly send me a message upon checking out.

perfect for accessorizing a dainty dress or to complement a shirt and jeans outfit with a touch of femininity. 
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    What a day!
    Thank you for reminding me - Autumn is my fave too.
    Delicious braclettes

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