etsy lesson #2: don't accept international money orders.

i did the mistake of agreeing to accept an international money order for $20, the item value was $17 and i charged $3 for shipping and handling. i went to the bank this morning to deposit the money order, only to find out that there is a $10 bank fee! after converting USD to AUD, i got $21.01 for the money order less the bank's fee, i just received $11.01 after selling a $17 item. not fair. *sniffs*

on to other things, i listed two new items today.

necklace birdcage freedom flower wings


what better way to celebrate your emancipation than by wearing something symbolic?

this long necklace features a gold plated 3D birdcage with a gate that slides up. it has three czech glass trumpet flowers and a single leaf to add interest to the cage. it hangs from a dainty and unique antique bronze chain and has two wings hanging from the lobster clasp, which will hang from your nape as you wear it.

the total length of the necklace is approximately 78cms (30.7inches) from end to end.

delicate, symbolic, whimsical, fun, unique

necklace white rose pure pristine snow dainty


who doesn't like white?

this piece is pretty as the first snowfall. it features a white rose in the center of the necklace. on both sides are wire-wrapped white glass beads, ending in an antique bronze lobster clasp. it also has an antique bronze leaf charm which will just hang at the back of your neck.

the necklace measures approximately 44cms (17.3inches) from end to end.

simple, elegant, dainty, floral, feminine, unique

3 Responses
  1. thanks for the heads up about money orders. What a bummer. I got burned on a Canada shipment once too!

  2. theleidy Says:

    hi becky,

    thank you for your comment. i am a newbie seller, so i learn the ropes as i go along. i will try to share what i learn so that others can benefit as well. cheers.

  3. Kathleen Says:

    Wow - I never knew that about the money orders! I will write that one down *whew*!

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