i shall start with the not-so-good news. i've had my first etsy heartbreak happen to me three weeks back. someone supposedly bought two items from me, but it turned out that she was a non-paying buyer. initially i waited for her payment, then after 5 days i contacted her via convo and also sent her an invoice. she replied two days later telling me that she didn't have a paypal account, but just wanted to pay using her credit card. i told her no worries, you don't have to have a paypal account to pay using your credit card through paypal and proceeded in giving her a step-by-step guide on how to do it, including a screenshot of the paypal page where she had to click to pay without having to sign up. three days later, i heard nothing from her. i saw her online in gmail and asked whether she was still interested in the items, to which she replied --- "i'm no longer interested, they are wonderful and gorgeous but it's too much hassle for earrings. you can give me negative feedback, i have six businesses and it's not gonna hurt me." i mean, huh? it just broke my heart, that.


good thing i have made something to somehow make me feel better. the siren necklace:

siren. necklace handmade wire-wrapped turquoise blue ocean sea unique


from the waves her song beckons, lures and traps a mariner willing to listen to her hymn.

hand-formed silver wire form waves, and the base of this unique pendant. wire-wrapped turquoise swarovski crystals are intertwined with the silver base. the focal point of this pendant is a deep blue fan-shaped glass, wire-wrapped with silver wire. flanking it are sapphire briolettes, clear ab teardrop crystals, turquoise czech glass beads, pinkish teardrop glass beads and swarovski crystals, all wire-wrapped and hand-formed. the pendant hangs from a very delicate and dainty silver chain measuring 50cms (around 19.7inches) from end to end and is secured by a silver bolt ring.

unique, handmade, elegant, stunning. a real conversation-starter.



remember i have touched on the subject of a dubai account? it looks very promising. so far, i have sent 15 items and i am looking at filling some orders for christmas. wives of expatriates will be having an affair in december and hopefully they will commission me to make some pieces for them. keeping fingers crossed.

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  1. I'm so sorry about your bed Etsy shopper experience. Better luck next time! the siren necklace is beautiful!

  2. My sympathy on the bad seller...we just never know. I know it's hard not to take it personally...we creative types usually do. My advice (even though you did not ask for it) is to just move on, knowing that your beautifully made jewelry is much too lovely and beautiful for the sort who would do such a wretched thing and not even care!

  3. theleidy Says:

    @Red-Handed Jill: thanks. good thing we have an avenue to channel such negativity and come up with something beautiful.

    @Graceful Moments: i'm just a bit affected by it, perhaps because it is my first negative encounter with a buyer. i hope i just don't get used to it though!

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