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wear tyche's heart and be lucky!

this stunning bracelet has five chrysoprase chalcedony round beads that are wire-wrapped and linked to rows of green and champagne swarovski crystals. it is fastened by a gold toggle clasp which features a gold heart locket. watch it catch and reflect light!

tyche is a greek deity (roman equivalent: fortuna) and governs fortune and prosperity.

it measures 18cms (7inches) in length and can fit most wrists.

gorgeous. stunning. elegant.


deep red for passion.

hanging from inverted silver filigree hearts are wire-wrapped blood-red teardrop glass crystals. at the base of the earring hook is a tear-shaped red sapphire. the earrings will fall 8cms (3.15inches) from your piercing.

eye-catching, stunning, a perfect conversation piece!


i'm pretty pleased with these pieces as they have turned out to be gorgeous and stunning. the photo of tyche's heart above is unedited. that is the afternoon sun caught and reflected by the crystals. beautiful jewelry!

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