the inspiration for today's selection is my burnt sienna necklace. i am featuring coppers, bronzes, browns and golds. bask in the glow of these wonderfully warm and glorious items.


necklace brown earth leaf gold copper bronze

warm earthy golden goodness!

this necklace features an antiqued bronze leaf, to be worn slightly off center. surrounding it are beads of various brown/coppery/bronze shades and sizes: four copper faceted glass beads, three carnelian round beads, one latte small glass pearl, one bronze large glass pearl, one latte large glass pearl, three bronze medium glass pearls (one of which has two bronze bead caps on each end), and one citrine coloured teardrop glass bead with a bead cap. all delicately wire-wrapped and hanging from an antiqued bronze chain, secured by a gold toggle clasp.

the necklace measures approximately 54cms (around 21.25inches) from end to end.

perfect for fall!

elegant, simple, feminine, dainty, earthy 

5 Responses
  1. Lp Says:

    well! Isn't this just wonderful! Thanks for noticing my raku dish. Your necklace is lovely.

  2. theleidy Says:

    it is one of the most striking items in the collection, i must say. well done!

  3. Thank you so much for including my eye shadow, it has fantastic company nestled in your gorgeous collection!

  4. Denise Says:

    What a beautiful collection; so warm! Your burnt sienna necklace is gorgeous, too!

    Thanks for including my mirror!

  5. Such a stunning collection for fall! Thank you for including Catalyst among all of these beautiful creations. Your burnt sienna necklace is gorgeous!

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